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Mesmerized and Adrift

by Bhut Nath Mahato

ISBN: 9781618136176

Pages: 113, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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We live in a super-technological era and it's a blessing. It drives all of mankind forward into the future. But in many ways, as every coin has two sides, it's also a nuisance. Technology is making our lives easier in many ways, but we have also become quite dependent on it. It is changing the way we live, influencing the way we behave and altering the way we think. You can only imagine the implications it will have on our children. When I was a 6 year old child, the most sophisticated piece of technology used to be a black-and-white TV set in my hostel with manual knob to change the channels and adjust the brightness and volume. Unlike, nowadays, many 4 -5 year-old toddlers are able to put in a YouTube video they like on the laptop, making it full-screen and turning up the volume. And this is nothing compared to their proficiency in the smartphone arena. They can play games, take photos, show them to us and then take more. They can find their favorite songs, play them and then adjust the song progress cursor to the part of the song he especially likes. Well, he can also occasionally call someone from the contacts list and then hang up. All of this is amazing, but the thing is that smartphones are a modern pacifier. They can calm kids down and keep them quiet, but they can also be addictive.