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My Reflexions-On the Events that Triggered me to Write

by Dilip V Subhedar

ISBN: 9781545703410

Pages: 205, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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My Reflexions is a story book containing 19 stories written by a retired engineering professional. According to the author, barring two stories, Angkor Wat – A Travelogue and Priyesh Menon – An Obituary, all stories are a work of fiction. Each story was a result of the author hearing an event reported in news in the print or TV or Internet or social media or even in his own life that suddenly triggered him to think differently. When the author looked at the event from various angles and reflected on it a new story was born. The seven stories from this book - The Clone, The Missing Week, The Carrier, The Underworld, The Space Twins, The Invasion and Journey of a Soul are classic science fictions and show author's love and his exposure to India's Space Program during his long service in the Research Laboratory under Dept. of Space. The author has succeeded in dealing with the complex plots in all these stories in a remarkably free flowing language and tries to search his own answers and solutions to many questions the modern science has failed to answer, so far. The Thread and The Obsession deal with the intricate and complex human relationships in the family life in our society today. All the remaining eight stories are based on the socio-political atmosphere prevailing in the country. They are thoroughly enjoyable due to the element of subtle humor in their narration and do not intend to hurt anybody's feelings.