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My Thoughts on Judicial Process - A Go between Truth and Lie

by Rajat Kumar Satapathy

ISBN: 9781545718667

Pages: 85, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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The book "my thoughts on judicial process" in consisting of my random thoughts that has come to my mind as i am involved in legal profession, teaching and research on the subject for many years. It is a book of different taste. I have depicted my thoughts on the subject in a prosaic poetic way but it will be more correct to say as thoughts only. This book will be helpful to the students, researchers, judges and common people to understand the subject in an analytical and simple way. How a court riches to a decision of a case, what chemistry is going on in the mind of a judge in doing so, the present system is how much efficient in giving justice to the people, what is the difference in the process between that of the past and present etc. are reflected in it with a touch of philosophy.