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Nisargbhav - Kavysanagrah

by Arun Su Patil

ISBN: 9789388719124

Pages: 143, 5x8, Others
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Poetry book 'Nisargbhav' is comprised of 80 Poems, categorised into six groups viz. nature, agriculture, poetry, ghazal, love and devotion. Asu's poetry is a mixture of reality, imagination, beauty, diversity of subjects, emotions and empathetic. It communicates with poetry lovers. Reading Asu's poetry not only brings joy to the mind but, along with it, also recognizes humanistic ideas.Poetry in 'Nisargbhav' is easy to understand and very far from obscurity and complexity. The poet has honestly presented whatever he has learned in the life and percolated into his blood in familiar words in rhythm and lyrics.