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Nugget on Wings

by Vikash Kumar

ISBN: 9781618133205

Pages: 260, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Nugget On Wings is the book for intellectuals who thinks of transformation in life, work culture, society and pattern of dogmatic thinking. It readily connects with the new generation who possess some grey matter to see perplexing situation with different perspective, although we know now the world is becoming full of demonstratively arguing intellectuals with realization missing. These articles were originally written for publication in the Health/Wellness/Learning & Development/Spiritual/Astrology magazines. With every article, the readers' likes and appreciation for author increased manifold. And today, ForeZorba has got associated with several Indian/International magazines/E-zines and upon their requests this book has been compiled and now is in your hand. Most of these articles were fine tuned to suit the Magazine's style and taste. However, through this book, utmost care has been taken to offer the original flavors of ForeZorba's articles. Few articles in the book work on your personal growth, nurture your creative thinking, make one perceive the positive aspect of negativity, learn to let go of the ego. Articles on spirituality, religion, love, sex shall break the cemented thinking pattern of common beliefs, social stigmas and understand it with more clarity. Few articles are laid down guidelines to understand feelings, relationships, to live a stress-free life, learn to effectively manage anger & time for leadership development. Astrology is ForeZorba’s hobby, his informative articles on Astrology and Numerology are of great interest world-over. His Astrology articles concerning Health & Wellness are carefully compiled for this book. The Yoga & Youthful Meditation techniques delineated in his articles is to assist busy people to unleash unwanted stress from life. Nugget On Wings is dedicated to your Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual well-being. Moreover, this book is a small tribute to the love received by ForeZorba’s readers all over the world.