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Objective Cytogenetics

by Srijan Ambati

ISBN: 9781618135216

Pages: 192, 6x9, English
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Genre: Academic

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The present book, "Objective Cytogenetics" which is written from an objective point of view, is the first book of Cytogenetics. This book is prepared as per the syllabus of ICAR and ASRB, in particular, to suit the student community of Plant Science disciplines. The most classical topics of Cytogenetics, such as structural chromosomal aberrations viz. Duplications, Deficiencies, Inversions and Interchanges; Auto polyploidy; Allopolyploidy; Aneuploidy (Hyperploids and Hypoploids); Alien addition and Substitution lines are thoroughly covered. In Cytogenetics, the most necessary thing that a student should be clear about is the critical interventions, which are discussed in the form of objective type questions to facilitate their preparation for any competitive examinations. Not only the topics quoted above, but the most common basics starting from designations, symbols, formulas and characteristics are framed in the form of objective type questions. This book can be an asset to any aspiring student in achieving their goals for cracking competitive examinations. As this is the first edition, we have tried our level best to provide the things with the maximum accuracy and sufficient proofreading. However, if any kind of mistakes or controversies found, may be brought to our notice so that we can make necessary changes if needed. We also welcome your suggestions to improve this book further in the upcoming editions. Finally, we wish the student community to exploit this book to the maximum extent possible to make their dreams come true.