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Oil and Gas - India, the Middle East and Beyond

by Pradeep Sahoo

ISBN: 9789385247200

Pages: 166, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Oil and Gas Sector is a world of its own that has a deep impact on almost every part of regions and religions, which can be supported by the Modern Middle East Crisis. Even one can think of oil politics and can be realized that oil politics is above geopolitics and this is at the cost of civil wars. Because of this, developing country like India has lost her sleep during critical conditions as India has to bear the cost of Oil Supply Interruption and Oil price inflation. Keeping the above thoughts in mind, the proposed book entitled "Oil & Gas India, the Middle East and Beyond" aims to be a step forward for getting an insight into the historic crude oil import trend in Indian context, and how Crude oil import bill is majorly rewarded to Middle East.