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Once Upon A Time

by Saurav Chhawchharia

ISBN: 9781618138958

Pages: 270, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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About The Book

"Such a page turner! Such a beauty!”. “Inspiring. And so likable!"' Remember. Agatha Christie faced five years of continual rejection before she finally landed a publishing deal!' in another attempt to console myself, I recited the mantra in my head on repeat before I finally collapsed on the bed and drifted into sleep. If there is one thing SAMAR KAUSHIK is excellent at, it is daydreaming. Surfing across the web one summer evening, he stops by some competitions and for the first time is introduced to writing. He begins penning a novel portraying himself as a celebrated writer having a gorgeous girlfriend and bundles of bucks. Revolving around its central conflict of dreams and inspired from true incidents, Once Upon A Time is about the journey of an unsuccessful writer, his endless struggle to get published and the side effects of rampant failure on him – depression, lunacy, gloom, envy, cowardice and isolation. SAHIL is fifteen and sells toys at traffic signals. RIZWAN who serves cutting chai at squares dreams of becoming a footballer. ABDUL is contented with life and thankful that a folk has volunteered to teach them how to operate a computer. RASHID, the youngest and dearest of them all, delivers newspapers before walking to school every morning, loves reading and is the one to enrich those nights with joy, they spend hours of which playing soccer and listening to endless stories of the old lady when comes a day to put everything to an end.