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Only Hope - Together Forever For Eternity

by Rishnu Kaushik

ISBN: 9781545702819

Pages: 145, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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She had loved before and lost, and was immovably accepted by the possibility that she would never love again. One day she discovered him, not simply in her fantasies, but rather in her heart. He didn't leave her life, he was dependably there; she was never alone, every minute she can feel his nearness as though he'd generally been. He was not sitting tight for affection. One day when she walked through his heart and the entire world moved. She wasn't simply perusing his psyche, it resembled she was perusing his soul. They are such a sort of cheerful couples, constantly together, as if they'd been hitched until the end of time. In any case, fate had other arrangement for them, they got isolated not on the grounds that their affection was not valid but rather as a result of the dismissal by their own parents. Affection forever, an adoration that associated two souls profound inside. While life was planning against them, to deny two star-crossed sweethearts from something that had dependably been and could simply be. Their adoration is uncommon and that is valid…..This is their story.