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Oorja Ka Srot

by Ranjay Kumar

ISBN: 9781545723937

Pages: 269, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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This book brings you face to face with the truth of your life, entire society, entire world and finally the entire universe. In this book you will find information about everything that you would wish to know before you reach to the final journey of your life. This book has been written in such a way – "As you go on reading, your thoughts will get more and more comprehensive. There will be a new energy transmitted within you." In this book there are such questions been asked and such information is provided that – "You will be forced to think. A common man is unable to think on all these matters and nor does he get the information for the same in his entire life." This book imparts knowledge on wisdom, science, spirituality, religion, right politics etc. In this book you are given the key on how can you achieve happiness in your life and accomplish your goals of life and many exercises are given to practice. Approximately 25 years of practice, wisdom, meditation, worry, asceticism. Through the medium of study, it is shown in this book that how one can communicate with God. This book has been written for all age group and every class of the society, whether you are working in any field of the world. If you want to accomplish your goal, this book will be useful to you in every possible way.