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Parivartannee Yaatraa

by Chintan Patel

ISBN: 9781545719213

Pages: 224, 5x8, Gujarati
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Hey! Are you stuck somewhere in your life? Are you stagnant instead of growing in different aspects of your life balance? Don't know how to get out from stuck situation? In today's rapidly changing world; it is almost impossible for us to balance our life either it is career, family, health, etc. Do you want to live life fullest & limitless? If yes than “Parivartannee Yaatraa - Tamaaree Jaatane Parivartit Karavanaa Ane Asimit Banaavavaana 8 Pagathiyaa” will help you to get out from your current situation. It is blueprints for your success in living a balance life. It will provide you the information, step by step guidance with exercise and also expose your true potential to become limitless. If you follow the complete guidance, your true potential will be seen. In Parivartannee Yaatraa, Chintan Patel has opened up in his book and expresses the feelings of change in every aspects of our life throughout the journey of this book. He tries to cover almost everything which you think about any issues in your life. He explains all the steps as given below very beautifully and easy to understand. Change start with BELIEF. It is generated by deep routed thought inside our sub conscious mind which is very strong. Our THOUGHTS are influenced by our belief. Every thought is followed by a FEELING. Feeling over a period of time develops our ATTITUDE. Attitude comes out into ACTION. Any action done repeatedly becomes a HABIT. All our habits put together is our PERSONALITY. Our personality creates our DESTINY. After reading this book if you follow guidance and exercises given in this book on daily bases, you will get 10x results in your life. This book is for those who want to become limitless, live life fullest and joyous!!