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Pharmacology – A Book of Achieving Knowledge for Drugs

by Amit Kishor Srivastava

ISBN: 9781545702666

Pages: 114, 8x11, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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This text book is designed to provide the fundamentals of pharmacology to students of pharmacy and other health sciences. An important goal of this book is to enhance student’s perception of the relevance of pharmacology to pharmacy practice. This book includes important concept described in sufficient detail so that the students integrate and understand these principles and then be able to apply them in subsequent course work in pharmacology and therapeutics. The book begins with an overview of the fundamental aspects of medicine. This is followed by a detailed discussion of the Hormonal therapy, Antibiotics & Naturopathy. The book then continues with the basic pharmacology of the Antibiotics drugs. Emphasis has been given to describe treatment of different diseases and in depth presentation of various mechanism of action, adverse drug reaction, drug interaction as well as its uses. An attempt has been made to cover all the topics in a balanced manner neither skip essential details nor overloading with unnecessary details. My major objective to write this book is to present the information in a lucid, condensed and cohesive form to cover specifically the needs of pharmacy students. I hope that this book will serve the possible needs in better understanding of all the aspect for the knowledge of special pharmacology topics. For further improvement of this book, any suggestion and critics from students, teachers will be greatly appreciated-Amit K.Srivastava