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by Prateek Kumar Ghosh

ISBN: 9781618135445

Pages: 146, 5x8, Others
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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The book is a collection of poetry which examines the variegated feelings of love and the throes of going through its cradles. It shows the vignettes of exuberance of finding love and also the pain of losing it. The aspect of getting wiser with the years and a wishful recollection of one's youth, vitality has been captured in deeply philosophical and lucid verses in the poetry. The reader is bound to find his latent feelings and a thought expressed in the poems and provides a soulful recluse for those who seldom have time to recollect the cherished memories of the halcyon days of their youth. The feelings in the poems range from the reflective to the euphoric, from that of hope to despair, from the frivolous to the mature and are representative of the author's capability to explore the richness of human feelings from an unexplored angle. The poems can be rightly termed as refuge for the weary soul to bask in one's own light of personal identity. It's a worthy read and a must have collection in a poetry lovers kitty.