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A Positive Way of Life

by Puja Kapoor Garg

ISBN: 9781545712726

Pages: 112, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Positive thinking is a very important part of very human being because Life shows 'Ups and Downs' to everyone, at different stages of one's Life. This book is on Positive thinking. Life is a long journey in which everyone is blessed with Family, Friends, Love, Children, Responsibility, Gains and Losses, Ups and Downs. Cultures, the world over show diverse beliefs. Everyone believes in a Power which we call as God, Rama, Allah, Jesus, so on and so forth. People generally embrace God's shelter or seek Spirituality to get peace and strength during troubles times. Others may find peace in a social work, or work, serve the needy or maybe follow their passion/hobbies like reading, writing, etc. Talking to someone who truly cares for you is a big support during difficult times. Peeping through book stores, one often finds books which inspire someone and gives positive thoughts, just by a simple glance. Talking to a dear friend and reading such books mean the same. Being inspired to keep any one's spirit up, even when Life make one feel lost and sad, hope the book will inspire the entire Human Race, in helping themselves as the others around them.