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A Practical Approach to Learn JAVA

by Mayank Patel

ISBN: 9781545718797

Pages: 287, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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The proposed book is a special practical guide to all who want to learn the Java Programming from basic without having the deep knowledge of theoretical concept. It covers on extensive syllabus designed by Rajasthan technical University and various private universities of Rajasthan. The each topic is demonstrative with more than 200 solved programming examples that are covered in the book. It has a comprehensive coverage of complicated topics like Packages, Interfaces, Collections, Applets, AWTs, Derby Database, Swing and Calendar class with detailed description of real life problems solution. The objective questions and programming exercises of each chapter are given at the end. More than 300 questions to solve including programming exercises with 100% Practical Implementation of all the topics on Core Java Programming are covered in it. Book also has the challenging JAVA practical Questions and commonly asked interview Questions.