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Prescription - Treating India's Soul

by Abhijit Naskar

ISBN: 9781618133588

Pages: 192, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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A thousand years ago, India was a land of scientific and philosophical brilliance. Over time, science and philosophy started to fade away, and superstition took over people's minds. Today, India is supposedly a land of diversity, corruption, misogyny, superstitions, fake patriotism, sexual assaults, caste discrimination, useless debates among intellectual idiots and fanaticism of religious preachers. The question is how did a great civilization turn into one of the most miserable nations in the world? And is there a way out of this misery? In this book, Abhijit Naskar, one of the world's celebrated neuroscientists and best-selling author, takes us deep into the biological roots of the human mind and reveals to us the actual scientific causes behind India's present problems. In his peerless explanatory ways he shows us an actual way out of this catastrophe. He gives us the scientific means to address all the problems of India, and solve them once and for all, in the most practical way possible, without the metaphysical garbage. Ancient India was one of the father figures of Modern Science. Now, Modern Science comes to the rescue of its fatherland that has lost its ancient glory.