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Project YOU - The Rare

by Ashwani Sharma

ISBN: 9781618135490

Pages: 98, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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The title 'Project You – The Rare' is conveying two messages. Project You -Noun: while we keep undertaking a lot of projects in our professional journeys, we tend to overlook ourselves as the 'subject' of the project. Means are we adequately evolving on our qualities while we work on such projects or are we completing them as transactions only? Project You- Verb: having gained success from the tough projects, we must project ourselves well. We must show up our bright side. If this one ongoing 'Project' is managed well it'll boost up & amplify the outcome from all other projects underway. The work is also to trigger a sense of inquiry and prompt some urgency for any course correction while we are managing our worlds. It has helped me support my own progress. It is my wish that it’ll do the same for you.