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Refulgent - The Beauty of Running Times

by Seema H Dahiya

ISBN: 9781545702741

Pages: 169, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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THE BOOK CAME INTO BEING AS THE RESULT OF A DREAM………Yes, Dear readers, it was a dream, all ACTIONS of the present novel are part of a continuous dream .Although it was not a dream that came in one part. Scattered parts of one whole story…..came into my dream one by one, all thanks to God's grace on me that he gave me so much power to dream and recapitulate all the incidents of the story from my dreams at the same time I think the creator want me to dispatch some of his good messages to the readers ……so he gave my brain the power to retain so much of it……..Some may find me insane in writing such thing as above…….. But I believe in being truthful to my readers And being positive is the only mantra, I believe in. The present book is about An ANGEL Aarvi and her soul mate Reyan. Aarvi was born on earth as a result of a curse, while Reyan followed her spirit to take her back to theirown world. They go through many obstacles and the rest is the story…………Our world is composed of three types of forces as described in INDIAN PHILOSOPHY as well as science……………. This story deals with these three forces i.e. negative, positive and neutral. The story deals with these forces in a very refulgent way. Have we learned Or Have we gained? To avoid All that can stain………….