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Resources and Services of Education College Libraries of Gujarat

by Bhavika D Modi, Vasantray A Chauhan

ISBN: 9789388381277

Pages: 279, 6x9, English
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Genre: Academic

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Colleges of Education in Gujarat have been in existence since 1948, the oldest one being A.G. Teachers Training College Ahmedabad. They were established with a view to building future generation of teachers. The College library contributes crucially towards achieving this goal. There is a widespread feeling that the resources and services of the libraries of these colleges of education have not been put to the optimum use. There may be many reasons to explain this lacuna. In order to get the feedback information of the stakeholder, user surveys were used. The feedback helps in presenting the state-of-the affairs as well as in chalking out the future planning. "Resources and Services of College of Education Libraries of Gujarat: A Study" has been undertaken for the pursuit of doctoral research. Though conducting user survey is quite a daunting task, it provides the overall picture of the use of the resources and services of the libraries of the colleges of education under study.