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The Riches within Your Reach - Celebrate Abundance Within to Manifest without

by Vijay Krishna

Pages: 56, 5x8, English
Available Types: E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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"An enlightened poet described the miserable state of man comparing it with the musk deer. He wrote, ""O poor musk deer! You sought for the fragrance everywhere but it was in your body. What you searched for outside was inside you, that is why you did not find it. Had you smelled your own navel, you would not have suffered a miserable lot."" Most of us are like the musk deer. We seek the fragrance of joy, the musk of mirth everywhere outside ourselves. We hop from one object to another until we are disillusioned. We then jump off the cliff of excitement into the valley of depression and sorrow. The fountain of joy, healing, wisdom, infinite strength, glory and greatness is hidden in the deep caves of our consciousness. Our search for it outside only delays and disappoints us. Whatever we seek outside is hidden within us. Turn your gaze and mind within, all your search for everything will end within. - From the book "