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by Sanjan More

ISBN: 9781545729403

Pages: 162, 5x8, Others
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Chaul. a simple village of Rajasthan. Desert is surrounded by dacoits, Bihad by robbers, Sarai is full of fugitives. Revenge is routine. Bloodshed is common. Violence is a life style. Gun is the only Law, and Bullet is the Justice. And Here comes a man. "Uday sinha Chauhan". Brave, Almighty, Adventurous, Sharp shootist, and a Penalize. A death of criminals. A Marathi Novel of thrill, suspense, and Adventure. A chase of deadening treasure hunt. A Saga of revenges. Saahas.... is a story of your dream hero, who can do everything which you desire? Who conquer every level of bloody challenge death game? Who stands always in side of truth and honesty. He never gives you a time to take a little breath unless you finished his book. It's a .... SAAHAS......