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Sailing Through Life: Memoirs of A Young Girl

by Shweta Bisht

ISBN: 9781618137425

Pages: 137, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Sometimes the perfect life holds the perfect lies... The story begins with the childhood of Elisa and her friends, and then it gradually deals with a long span of almost ten years. The story deals with a five-year-old relationship of young and beautiful Elisa, which will be in tatters. A destruction of faith happens giving birth to a newly evolved person. Elisa is bright, talented, ravishing, sympathetic, sensitive, and beautiful. At 19, she is the most precious and valuable gift in the world to her parents and has a shining career ahead of her. Ryan is a young man; full of promises, despite the shadow his own, emotionally troubled, mother casts over him. Then one night, Elisa makes a decision that tears their world apart. She still thinks that sometimes all she needs is someone to love her, a cuddle, a hug, or a kiss. Will she be able to find a proper balance in her life? She has her own journey to tell the world. The journey of blessings, lust, friends, ambitions, broken promises, fake relationships, greed, unforgettable love, spirituality, and the much- needed peace. The twists and turns in her life gave her a lesson to live life in a more meaningful and constructive way. Life is all about appreciating and accepting things that hold true importance; this novel will take readers on an extensive journey, searching many themes of life as we grow and move on.