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Sangharsh Se Gujarte Huye-Samay Ki Aanch Me Tapi Teen Kahaniyan

by Bhagirath Parihar

ISBN: 9781545713662

Pages: 189, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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This book contains stories which depict changing realities of Indian society. You could see Indian society just after Independence. Democracy and development were the two main mantras. The development plank brought about many changes in our family and condition of women. It has brought the labour and management in conflicting zone. 'Bajigar', 'Shahadat', 'Sangharsh Jari Rahega' are such stories which tell about labour, trade union, management and their strategy. Our political parties had developed the system of High command which is all powerful. One of the story also narrate the condition of share cropper farmer in Indian agriculture 'Abe Shiva'. Similarly 'Fufkarto Saanp' is the story of a farmer trapped under ever increasing debt. Have you seen Mumbai (Tune Mumbai Dekhi Hai) is a story about child labour. 'Pujy Pitaji' narrates the declining power of patriarchal male head of family and 'Pidhiyan' brings about changes generation after generation. It also shows the better working conditions for a house wife. 'Pritibimb' depict the existential dilemma of woman. You will find many more interesting stories in this book.