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Sanrakshan Swasthya Ka

by Sunita Bapna, Prabha Pareek

ISBN: 9781545707661

Pages: 135, 6x9, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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This book has not been written by professionals or commercial authors or a couple of ambitious writers who wish to make it big in the literary world. We are two sprightly grandmothers, past the age of sixty, who have strived to sit together and put on paper a whole lot of household remedies which have been handed over to us through generations. With the advent of nuclear families, grandparents have also relegated to their own nuclear worlds. For every small ailment young mothers rush headlong to the doctors and then begins a vicious circle of tests, checkups and antibiotics. What they fail to understand is that our body has been provided with natural healers. On one hand Mother Nature has equipped our bodies with energy and life force to maintain a healthy immune system and on the other hand our own ancestors have equipped our kitchens with a storehouse of ingredients to fight these ailments. This book is a tribute to our ancestors who have made it all look so simple for us. It is a clear overview of many of the effective strategies employed by our ancestors to address the day to day ailments that they encountered in their lives. Traditions were not made in a day. They are a culmination of thousands of years of trial and error and a crux of experiences of people manning a six thousand year old culture. When our stomach gas or acidity subsides with a pinch of rock salt or jeera or ajwain it is not a magic invention. It is a result of thousands of years of practice and deep thought. Fortunately, people are getting attracted towards home remedies now but they are totally at a loss as to how to get hold of them when required. This book is a compilation of hundreds of home remedies with the help of healthy ingredients stored and stacked so neatly in our own kitchens. At our end, it is an outcome of extensive research and study. Not only that, it is a handbook of remedies that we got from our own grandmothers and are now trying on ourselves, our children and their children effectively. It is our humble effort to carry the legacy forward and express our gratitude towards our known and unknown ancestors whose insight has made our civilization so rich and prosperous today. We hope that our book will enrich our young generations with simple and handy remedies to keep their loved ones healthy, smiling and free from artificial chemicals.