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Secret of the East - The Journey Begins

by Varsha

ISBN: 9781545712269

Pages: 546, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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"Don't try to come out" I slammed the door. "Please Alex, call the cops" she pleaded and I glanced at her bruised cheek where my fingerprints were still visible. "If this is a drama for you then let it be Gawri" I locked the car and she started pounding her fists on the window. 'I can't stop loving you Gawri even after you rejected me. I will protect you at any cost.' I promised myself They were moving towards my car with guns and iron rods but I came between them and MY GAWRI... Alex (Alexander) Miller was forced to study in an Indian school as an act of punishment by his British High Commissioner father posted in India. But little did the teenage boy know that he will meet the girl of his life who will turn his life upside down and then disappear from his life. Alex mourned for her over a decade but after ten years, he found himself wedded to the same girl. What do you think, why she disappeared from his life? How would they react to their new found relationships and the past full of mysteries, murders, revenge, and conspiracy? To know the answers, let's go on a journey of Secrets!