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The Seed of the Woman and the Power of Darkness

by Donbor Syiemlieh

ISBN: 9781545712856

Pages: 210, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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There are so many questions in our life that we could not get the satisfactory answers – Why do fossils occurred; why are human beings superior to other creatures; why do human beings speak different languages; what is the origin of idol worship; how giants existed in this world in the ancient times; who built huge structures like the Egyptian’s pyramids; how did people go and live in secluded islands in the midst of vast oceans since ancient times; why didn’t people invent modern machines and equipments since ancient times when human beings have no different brain structures; why did powerful empires - Egyptian, Babylonian, Persian, Grecian, Roman sequentially exist in this earth; why are Christmas traditions celebrated fervently both in the Christian world and non-Christian world. When God saved me, He gradually revealed the answers to the above questions directly and indirectly. He then inspired me to write down the answers in the form of a Book which reflected God’s love story to save fallen human beings. In doing this, the war broke out between God and the power of darkness (Satan) who tried to prevent the Seed of the Woman (Jesus) from being born into this earth. In short, Satan tried to enslave human beings and keep the world under his control forever. But God’s plan is superior to Satan’s deceptive devices. God’s plan to bring back saved human beings to a perfect life as in the days of the Garden of Eden would soon be manifested any time now.