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Shades of Love-Common Love Stories in An Uncommon Way..!

by Jhanvi Charkhawala

ISBN: 9781618138200

Pages: 106, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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‘Shades of love’, the title given by the most appropriate person. It is book which will take the readers to a journey of ‘Land of love’, where you will find love in each and everything. Readers will understand that where all the love is hidden in. Here, the readers will see find different kinds of love present among us all but most of us are unaware of. These kinds of love include the love of a mother, father, brother; the love of arranged marriages; the one sided love; the love for one of our dreams; the love for a deceased; the wrong love; the obsessive love and much more..! Somewhere, I read that “BE SOMEONE’S MOON ON A DARK HOPELESS NIGHT” and I hope that these poems will play the role of that moon; when one will nowhere find love, they will sense love in this book. And this book is a bit special to me as the most support I got was from my family… my friends… all those who knew me more than just a study-worm. This one is for all who had such a faith and confidence in me and my writing. Thank you.