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by Dhanshri M Kanitkar

ISBN: 9781545713501

Pages: 63, 6x9, Marathi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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It is the Stotra for for praising SHRI LORD VISHNU THE GOD having thousand names giving information of his virtues ,advantures,and AVATARAS, It is firstly told by Bhishma Maharaja to Arjuna And Dharma and supposed to be most effective Stotra and by chanting effective Events are more possible on our efforts in our life. It was told at the last moment of life of Bhishma maharaj the unkle of Dharma And Arjuna It is the most Powerful stotra . It has really powerful effects and many persons have experience As it is in sanscrit language many of us cannot chant it So I tried to Translate in Marathi stotra POETRY so that It can be chanted by all Marathi faithful devotees of VIshnu the great god. The background of the Stotra is known to all our country being big MAHABHARATA Or BHAGWAT MHAHPURANA.