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Siksha Aur Sikhshan - Ek Chintan

by Sanjay Kumar

ISBN: 9781545703298

Pages: 113, 6x9, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Teachers, students, parents and policy makers are the prime elements who influence the education process. This book is an effort to talk to them face to face, and present a perspective on the education process. This book will be extremely useful for the teachers, those who want to revisit the larger purpose of teaching and education, for students, those who are determined to continuously grow in life, for parents, those who want to clearly make out their roles in the present context, and for the policy makers, those who have vital responsibility to create an effective education system for our Nation's development. This book will also be useful for those, who are interested in conducting workshops on teaching effectiveness. This book is an effort to deal with questions such as: What is education? What kind of education we have today? What kind of education we need?