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Silvatein - Hindi Poems with English Translations

by Harish Motwani

ISBN: 9781618134196

Pages: 196, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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Silvatein is a collection of poems all written in between the routines of life, every life - heart burns, run for financial stability, chase for some luxuries, emotional outbursts, friendships, enmities, expectations, responsibilities, successes, failures, professional battles, commotions, disgusts, competition, fatigue, sickness and what all. The poems in the collection are emotional bursts arising of what happens or not happens in this one life. The fast-paced life, ambitions for modern amenities of convenience and constant craving for success, leave little time to one's own self. As a result, an individual is deprived of any peace and tranquillity transforming him or her into a social victim. The long standing loneliness and continued discomfort often leads to a wrinkled appearance on face or a crumpled sheet while you crave for sleep and toss around on your bed, amidst several thought provoking sessions. It is the life and thoughts emerging between numerous such wrinkles, that these poems talk of.