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Skyfall - The Thrones of Love

by Rufaida Fariyal

ISBN: 9781545713471

Pages: 155, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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This is the book of a long storied novel, entitled as 'The Skyfall' containing a few side stories also, certain imaginary scenes, episodes, events and incidences, characters, dialogues and some other very interesting phenomena, underlying a few more fanciful and also to some extent more factual descriptions of life or living pertaining to family and the outward society. It has been divided into two parts. Part 1st is based on 1 to 8 chapters and the Part 2nd covers as many as 9 to 14 chapters in all. This novel is, really speaking, a mixture of tragedy, romance and comedy. Hence, the running spirit of the story looks like a perfect novel because of the fact that I preferred to choose such a new style; it corresponds to my taste. There is a variety of wonderful imaginations which are attempted to be produced in such a way as to look like the real one. As such, the role of imagination has also been tried to be highly lighted; it was necessary from the literary point of view. In its analysis the book is entitled as 'The Skyfall' which basically contains five love stories, three wide spread kingdoms and eight devastative battles. The main Story is related to a person's deep love and lust for obtaining a state and becoming a king of such a kingdom or state. Apparently he looks normal but internally he is a villain having the madness for achieving his goal. 'The Skyfall', the name, appears dreadful, may it be so, because apparently the meaning of the title so given is 'bursting forth of the sky'. May not, nowhere happen so; if any how anywhere lt happens, the result will be shaking heart, disastrous and horrible. But it is certain that it will happen at every cost before the day of judgment, the so called 'Qayamat' when the whole universe will be destroyed and nothing shall remain in being except God. However, in spite of all this I have tried my best to create a healthy and harmonious atmosphere, an amusing as well as a most charming situation along with a peculiar pleasantness and also a tinge of sweetness in putting up the scenes, the characters, the dialogues etc. running between the major figures of the story or novel-hero and heroine, if there in, and so on. It's of course a nice book of fictions or story or stories in which basically the characters of L. W. Doson, A. Adams, A. Doson, L. Lorenzo, R. Doson, Am. Doson, M. Arden, B. Jonson, R.D. Spenser, M. Robinson and J. Watson have artistically been produced to read and relish the sweet, sour and saline flavors implied there in. A brief account of their different characters has also been given in the onward passages. I believe that the story of the novel must have all that which the readers may desire and expect. I have been passionate to a plausible extent to enrich the story of the novel with some of the heart touching experiences of life. I am sure that the readers will find in it the flavor of their personal interests, viz., pain, pleasure, pathos, thrill, dismay, terror, excitement, horror, love, hate, sympathy, apathy and also so much, so that. But apart from all these qualities it has been my strenuous efforts to shield out the story from the suspense with a view to let the readers feel free and entirely relaxed.