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Sodh Navya Viswacha Bhag 1

by Prajwal Dhande

ISBN: 9781545724491

Pages: 65, 5x8, Others
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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This book is artistic creativity of humurous stories expressing the some sort realities of the life.the book is the merely guides for right perspective and rules with which one can live life with content. The philosophy of the centered to the internal balance of mind to create the state of enlightenment within oneself which will offerred through the right understanding with reference to various situations and conditions that come up in experience of human life. The book itself collection of various imaginations to ground ones mind to think in the right direction or build such habits within them.the writer intends to serve the purpose of bringing the realities of the life in simple philosophy easy to understand and funny to read. Life is mixture of various changing situations we live in ,while dealing with all of them completely depends upon our way of seeing the things. This book makes ones mind to expand its perception and make one to unbiasly mirror into the truth behind every little situation of this life. You must enrich this wisdom to elaborate your thinking that will lead to your Happiness and well being. Prajwal dhande