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Some 14 Odd Years - Fragile Love or Intense Friendship

by Ruchira Banerjee

ISBN: 9781545718322

Pages: 124, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Some 14 Odd Years is a story about a single girl named Ronkini. Ronkini acts as the author's mouthpiece. So, through Ronkini the author gives some message to the society. The theme of the novel is 3 Dimensional. The 3D feature so this novel is Friendship, Unconditional Love and Women Empowerment. By women empowerment the author doesn’t mean equality among men and women. By empowerment, the author believes in the equality of all women in the society. A single girl and a girl separated from her husband is always given a frowned look in the society. A married woman is given the highest respect in the society. But just like a married woman all women deserves the same respect. Women empowerment will only be successful when women will start respecting women. Once women starts respecting women than men too will be bound to respect all women in the society.