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by Sreemannarayana Thalluri

ISBN: 9781545719459

Pages: 200, 5x8, Telugu,
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Time is unpredictable just like the heart. Who knows where they might lead us. They are faster than our thoughts stronger than our actions. One who aims to win the life has to win them first if one fails to do so there will be nothing left to live for, except the regrets. This is the emotional story of an ordinary youngster who is talented but confused and lives in a small town with his parents. The main character himself narrates his experiences from the moment he left engineering college to the moment where he left with something that he can never let go off. He fights himself to know his true purpose. On the journey to unlock his true potential he meets his true love "sowjanya". She motivates him and stands by his side when he has nothing. Who knows what might happen to these young couple and their dreams in this journey. I worked my heart's best to write their story imagining myself to be the main character that narrates the story and tried to give this fiction book a look of auto biography."