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The Spookoholic: Kanchi

by Mastho Vamsee

ISBN: 9781545708880

Pages: 303, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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The ghosts were terrified of him. He gave them chills. He is silly. He is funny. Yet, he was the chosen one! To alter the course of history? This is a romantic adventure with specter thrills! But how could spooks fear a human? And how exactly does he attract apparitions like a magnet? The answer is hidden in the womb of an ancient Indian city. A weird yet funny man embarks on an unparalleled journey to discover 4 stupendous powers within him Kanchi, is one of the most pious Temple Cities of the Hindus It has hidden mysteries even this day. When Surya decided to visit this city, it was just a whacky idea to win a challenge with film director Puri Jagannath. Get ready, to encounter gigantic spiritual forces and an ancient object! Meet the Spookaholic, his girl and the funny uncle, in the Whackiest of Adventures.