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Sprinkler For CCD - An Observation on Indian Community Communication Drought

by Alekha Sachidananda

ISBN: 9781618138293

Pages: 103, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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The book "Sprinkler for CCD: An Observation on Indian Community Communication Drought" is the outcome of the observation, analysis and discussion with students, academicians and practitioners of communication in India. Among so many communication issues, this book picks up one that is Community communication drought (CCD). In India people live with family, friends and in a community. People live in a community for generations. They stay together and work together. This trend of connectedness is also supported by a different medium. This medium may be traditional or mass media or today's advanced new media. With the passing of time this culture, medium and lifestyle have changed. The CCD is one of the negative consequences of the shift in medium and lifestyle. Due to the mass media, people are being informed, educated and entertained but most of the people are gradually being disconnected from their own community, neighbor’s and collogues. People are getting deprived of the possibilities of collective support of a community. This book discusses the subtle consequence of modern mass medium along with the application of advanced community communication technique. The Indian approach to green community communication (GCC) can give a new dimension to the students of communication. Though this book is written in Indian perspective, concept and observation but this will be a valuable one for communicators and communication researchers outside of India too.