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Steps to Confusion-Free English

by TKB Sinha

ISBN: 9789388719261

Pages: 203, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Not Only the Learners but Even the Experienced Users of English Are Sometimes Confused While Using the Language. It Could Be On Several Counts--- Viz Whether To Use 'Ei' Or 'Ie' In Spelling; Whether To Use 'Singular Verb Or Plural Verb' In Sentence (In Grammar); Whether To Use 'Look After' For 'Look For', Or 'Give In, 'For Give Up' In Idiomatic Expressions Or Whether To Use 'Shed For Shade' Or 'Sell For Sale' And So On In Vocabulary. Besides Dealing with Such Elements of Confusion, The Book Also Tells About the Typical English Expressions Viz 'Wait A Bit',' Make A Noise I Wish You Were,,,,,,; 'You Had Better.... Should He Ever Try...... Etc. And the Order of Pronouns, Showing Which Pronoun Should Come First/Second/Third in A Sentence. The Purpose of The Book Is to Do Away with The Cobwebs of Confusion and Help the Student Write/ Speak A Better Language