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Stri Ek Kahani

by Anjali Kohali Singh

ISBN: 9789388381239

Pages: 54, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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This book stri ek kahani. Is a medium of the hidden power of a women provides. encourage, love,.affection,..emotions,..believe,.trust,.Friendship,. relationship, compromise and sacrifice. We originated founded governed created great art, fought for our rights and for ur own self. It is a story about every single woman who had born in this planet and to fall in the cultures of this planets .She wants to fly , she wants to laugh ,she wants to live happy ,and she wants to breath in a fresh air but she cant do this .There are very interesting topics and assumes by myself and i want only one thing ... All womens who thank and suffering from such kind of situations they awaked and live their life her own way. They had got only one beautiful life, so it depends on them self how to live. To learn more and get OneNote, visit