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Swapnsakshi - Part-1 And Part-2

by Rakesh Kumar Nanda

ISBN: 9781618138248

Pages: 499, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Swapnsakshi (Witness of Dreams). Dream – A thin fencing between imagination & reality. Sometimes incidents in our dreams seems like they are happening in reality, whereas some real incidents happens in such a way that it feels like a dream. Social incidents happening in our day to day life put a major impact on our dream. Keeping those small issues in mind, this story is based on a child’s dream journey. Passing through various paths of his life, Raka sees some dreams, from his childhood to his adulthood. In those dream journeys, he comes across some social incidents, which he is faces in his real life. In the first part of the story, social topics like power & responsibilities get associated with it- difference in thoughts of two generations, & women empowerment are expressed with a touch of mystery, adventure & talisman. In the second part, moving on to the next level, the story deals with significant subjects such as climate change, depletion of human values with advancement in human civilization & science, conflicts between rules of science & modern lifestyle etc. in an effective manner. In this, the readers will get all the versions of literature, for which Hindi literature is known around the globe.