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by Harish Trivedi

ISBN: 9781545709023

Pages: 242, 5x8, Hindi
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Poetry

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When someone is near you, you normally take her for granted. But when that person has been snatched away by your providence, then you realize the significance she had in your life. You start longing for her. My wife Devika used to give her best unprompted as spontaneous. At that period I could not realize her innate attribute. Her absence triggered a longing for her smallest gestures. I started craving for her. The world around me looked desolate. It seemed that my life without her would be impossible. I was drifting into depression. Then, on one late night amidst my loneliness, there some overwhelming emotions began overflowing. I became restless to write them down. I followed my impulse and the following lines poured out; "Jaate jaate koyi mujhase, meraa subb kuchh le gayaa, Aur mujhe tanahaayiyon ki ek riyaasat de gayaa". That remaining night I slept well. It was blessing in disguise and whenever her craving was overwhelming, I followed the dictates of my emotions and weaved it in words and I found that Devika is alive within me. "Tu naheen hai, hai to ehasaas tere hone kaa; Teree aawaaz, teree saans, tere chhoone kaa, Mere seene se jo lipatee hai teree raanaayi, Bin tere aaj ye tanahaa si lagee tanahaayi". Since then on Devika is my the only first listener, if she smiles after my poetry recital, I feel it is worth presenting to others. This collection of poetries has Devika's smile embedded in them.