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Teaching Large Classes: Problems & Prospects - Season Your Lectures with Active Learning Techniques

by VSV Laxmi Ramana

ISBN: 9781545702987

Pages: 100, 8x11, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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Teaching is a noble field and honored the most throughout the world, because teachers are the nation builders. Teaching is like showing light to the world. But to ensure the light is evenly spread, we need to comprehend few facts about it. Basically to teach the school students, the authorities appoint only those teachers who have been trained and hold a professional qualification in that sphere of training, where as to teach the higher classes, they give Preference only to their PG certificate and Doctorate degrees. The school teacher, with his/her training experience, expertise manages the classroom and applies strategies to impart learning. The teachers who teach the graduates and post graduates do not get or undergo any professional training but are given a challenge to address large classes. A gauntlet is thrown against and asked to take the bull by its horns. For him/her teaching becomes complex and complicated because the students have lot of expectations about the teacher and vice a versa. Moreover, in the current technological era, where knowledge is open to both students and teachers, the task of teacher becomes more challenging and formidable one. However, to negate the feeling of students and their perceptions about the teaching styles or Teaching methods adopted. Teachers have to make indefatigable effort and should have more arsenals in their armory to cater to the needs of students. This book is helpful to all those new incumbents who need to know the problems and prospects for effective and learning process.