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Tears of Garroth - Divided We Stand

by Siddharth Mohan

ISBN: 9781545708071

Pages: 161, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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During medieval times, before getting annihilated by a lusty foreign empire, the hugely outnumbered four major kingdoms of mid-eastern Bharat decided to shift their children to a newly discovered, sheltered island named Garroth. Garroth was divided into four parts (Diadem, Parnell, Jowett and Ron dark) and the heirs of all the four kings were assigned a kingdom each. Overtime, the kings and queens of the divided kingdoms of Garroth, overcame all odds. They nurtured and successfully raised their kingdoms from scratches. But their contradictory views and a sense of competition along with clashing interests made the relationships of the kingdoms hostile towards each other. One fine day, Garroth faces the peril of being attacked by 'Saalum'. World's strongest empire on a mission to conquer the planet. Will the war take place? Will the kingdoms of Garroth be able to sort their differences and stand together? Will they be able to defeat Saalum? What are the mysteries of Altraas and Aiden? Will pirates succor Garroth? Prepare to get lost in the riveting and galvanizing chronicles of Garroth.