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Ten Minutes Activities for English Language Teaching

by Dushmanta Samal

ISBN: 9781545707517

Pages: 181, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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TEN MINUTES ACTIVITIES FOR ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHING is a resource book for teacher, parent and students. The main focus in this book is to make the English language learning more enjoyable and experiential rather than monotonous. All the activities are designed in such a manner that, it will stimulate the motivation of the students towards the subject. Apart from that, this book contains activities which are easy to use by any one. It covers all the aspects which are required to develop English language skills (LSRW) through play way method. The students of Primary and Middle school will be highly benefited and can be used in the class room as well as at home by teachers and parents. The activities are meant to reinforce observation, memory, comprehension, thinking, application skill, and imagination, creativity, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.