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Thamizh Is Not Just A Language - The Valour

by Madhan Kumar

ISBN: 9781545703045

Pages: 184, 5x8, English
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Genre: Non-Fiction

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In general histories of India, the part of the country with which we are concerned figures only in a small way. Vincent Smith rightly observed ‘most historians of ancient India have written as if the South did not exist’ and explained this neglect of the South in two ways. ‘The historian of India,’ he said, ‘is bound by the nature of things to direct his attention to the North, and is able to give only a secondary place to the story of Deccan Plateau and the far south. ‘South India and northern Ceylone are the one of the oldest inhabited regions of the world and its prehistoric archaeology and contacts with neighbouring lands, so far as traceable, constitutes an important chapter in the history of world’s civilizations. The Marathas of the western Deccan are the southern most of indo Aryan speaking people and all the country to the east and south of them speaks languages which fall into a single group with Thamizh as the source which is the Classical living language & exists the ethnicity called Thamizhan, with its own individuality and unique, unconquerable potency in both Politics, culture, sport, worship, art, agriculture and valour. They had a wide spread life in now called India with Himalayas as their border in North and Kanyakumari in South. This is what all about in this book, the valour, courage and valiance of kings and warriors who existed in Thamizh ethnics’ right from the ancient era. Shown with available referrals from the Thamizh epics and literatures from Sangam era translated in English.