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The Beauty of Rhythmic Prayers

by Manthan R. Sheth

ISBN: 9781545707364

Pages: 70, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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Just 25 years old internal medicine aspirant boy Akshat who dreams something out of the context and believes that, "Whatever we are today is just because of the prayers of our parents and grandparents. Our existence would be questionable if they wouldn't have done those prayers and worship for us. There is a strength of the prayers behind our every move. It focuses on mother's love, the broad mindset and vision of every father, witnessing four female generations under single roof, the women empowerment and spirituality (synchronicity between religions)". #Praise for Author "The way Dr. Manthan has expressed his emotions for his parents and grandparents is really heartwarming. I am sure his book will inspire the younger generation and it will also be very helpful to the society." -Honorable Mayor, Surat, Gujarat "A 26-year-old young doctor held a debate on 'Prarthana' & 'Azaan' and has explained to us that there is no difference between 'Dharma' & 'Mazhab'!" -Mr. SavjiDholakia "A must read book.This young gentleman is very mature for his age. His views are really worth." -Dr. Shashikant Shah "In this book, the young author has shown his gratitude for his parents and grandparents in such that I am sure that he won’t have to perform any holy rituals for his ancestors to rest in peace." -Amar Palanpuri (Well-known poet, Gujarat)