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The Best Ending of a Cute Love Story

by Umesh Kumar Routray

ISBN: 9781618136343

Pages: 138, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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"I love my life thinking that I met you once, i held your hand, you smiled at me and I too did…" Every night, he prepares himself to live another day without her. She always walks beside him with a smile on her face but unseen and unheard to others, then why does he miss her the most? What had happened some years ago which is an unspoken treasure inside him; yeah it's a childhood love story. He felt the love when he saw her for the first time, but even two years of being with her didn't let him to convert those feelings to words. Before it could happen, they were separated by another four-letter word 'hate', but this also made him understand the love. Things were not the same anymore; they were destined to fall apart but the thread connecting them never broke; might got stretched a lot, yeah they were meant to meet. Everything in our life holds its preciousness and value for a certain period of time. Once he was dying to get her back into his life, but now he doesn't, though he loves her the most. Then what does he want? What separated them? The love story which is supposed to have a happy ending years before why still needs an ending? Will it end like a typical Bollywood romantic movie? Or will have a happiest ending ever? What does he mean by 'the best ending'?