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The Black Book - The Untold Secrets of IIMs Which Nobody Ever Told You

by Ameet Siingh

ISBN: 9781618137029

Pages: 111, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Non-Fiction

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"What is a 'Black Book'? Why the name 'The Black Book'? A black book is traditionally meant to be a book that holds secrets. So, would this book reveal the secret recipe of getting into IIMs or is it some kind of cheat code to achieve success? This book takes you beyond your coaching or training institute boundaries! "We have heard many times that "Luck favors the prepared mind" and this book provides students the opportunity to become prepared and hence luckier in life." Prof. (Dr.) Pavan Mamidi, Former Professor IIM A, Oxford(Ph.d), Harvard(LLM) "Having been a reject of IIM-A myself, I set out on a dream to achieve this tag for whatever it might take. Maybe if I had The Black Book then, it would not have taken me so long to accomplish my goals!" Sh. Parag Shah, Founder Director & Chairman, FLAME University, Author 'Antar Prerna' The main purpose of this book is to eliminate what I call this 'Information Arbitrage' used by few students to get undue advantage while securing a good job or otherwise. Much has been written about how to crack the best B-Schools entrance exams and get admission into the campus of your choice. However, nothing has been written about what is expected from them before entering the campus and how to utilize the next two years, fruitfully. This book tells you exactly that! 'The Black Book, ' tells you much more than just entering the Business school of your choice. This book is a culmination of all practical things you should know while pursuing your two most crucial years in a B-School. Right from explaining the modules, to smart hacks, to even finding the apt working or life partner, this book is for keeps for anyone wanting to make the most of their last two years as a student"