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The Broken Code

by Ashish Rastogi

ISBN: 9781545729465

Pages: 265, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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Dr Alisha Venkatesh faces death every day. Why shouldn’t she? She is an intensivist working in the ICU. However, this does not prepare her for the near-death situations of the two most important people in her life. For Alisha, technology is like her second hobby. First being medicine. She is an advocate for using tech to solve the world's health puzzle. A problem created by the system being broken at multiple places and in multiple ways. She also knows the dangers that technology presents. Alisha must use all her life's learnings to deal with an enemy who works right beside her. Using her medical and IT knowledge to track and decipher patterns that the dark side has camouflaged. Her analytical skills lead her to a theory which no one could have imagined being possible. Not at least at the current stage of human tech advancement. Despite having to deal with her own emotions Alisha works with the two New York detectives Nick & his friend Miguel. Amidst all this personal conflict for Alisha, stands the dangerous plan of a colleague she has worked with. He is an equal in thinking and intelligence to her. He is ruthless as he leaves a series of bodies to eliminate his tracks. Including that of his lover. Only to be undone by a woman 'fumbling' her way to break his secret designs.