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Beyond the Wall

by Saurabh Abhyankar

ISBN: 9781545729595

Pages: 133, 5x8, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Fiction

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About Book "The Universe Is Immeasurable and Infinite, Same Like We Are Also Limitless. We Just Have to See Beyond the Wall and Choose It." Meet, Aarav And Mihira, Who Experiences A Pure Love, But Their Choices Stuck Them. Devansh And Soha, A Passionate Souls. His Passion Holds Him Back in His Career. She Is A Poet from Pakistan Who Creates Magical Lines. Shraddha, A Strong and Quaint Girl, Who Had Trapped by Her Choices. They Choose Their Path but What Happens When Their Choices Entangled Them? This Is A Story of Connecting the Dots Between Choices, Love, Friendship, Faith, Passion, Fear, Courage and All Leads Them to The Destiny of Good Karma.