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The Combo of Problems

by Divyangna Trivedi

ISBN: 9781545712573

Pages: 62, 6x9, English
Available Types: Print, E-book
Genre: Academic

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The book is based on the daily problems in political as well as legal aspects. It allows the readers to have better knowledge of the facts that prevail in our society. The combo of problems is an apt title for the book since it highlights the various problems in combined form. The book suggests solutions and is an optimistic approach. Since the book is based on law it dignifies the quality of laws that prevail in our society and it gives us an account of how things ought to be. Polity is a well known aspect followed by Terrorism issue that is the problem nowadays. Unlike every terrorist manual it includes the instances of terror stroked upon India by the devil troops of Pakistan. The book does no display disgust in any form it imply puts the opine of an individual. The book was compiled by the author in only 4 days which is no exaggeration but the reality. This book will bring about interest for those who relish the legal knowledge and thinking of today's youth. Although the author is too young , she has made an effort to detail every part of polity and terrorism. There is no copying of content done. It is the original thinking of he author which has brought about this wonderful compilation.